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I don't watch all the DC shows on The CW anymore. It's mostly a time thing but it is also a bit of a what I enjoy in my life issue right now as well. Arrow is too broody right now (I get my brood quota with Gotham), The Flash is enjoyable but Barry has broken time too much for me and Supergirl is fun but not always engrossing to me. My CW standard is Legends Of Tomorrow aka White Canary and her dumb little brothers. It's funny, cheesy and ridiculous and what is needed sometimes in our current world. Usually.

The Legends episode this week was not entirely that and I'm both thankful and angry at it for it.

This week's Legends episode was part of the annual four show CW/DC crossover event. Last year was Invasion with the Dominators coming for metahumans and causing trouble which was entertaining but also felt a bit like four shows doing their individual takes on the idea. This year was different. I felt like I was watching a long movie with a bunch of characters that I was interested in seeing interact. Sure, there were moments that were show specific. The premise of the show began with a wedding that had been built up on The Flash but once we got into the actual event it was a melding of personalities into a fun ride with a lot of punching and jokes. You don't have to know everyone or be familiar with all the backstories to still appreciate the big stuff and personal moments.

Crisis On Earth-X begins with a scene depicting Earth-X, the 53rd Earth in the multiverse established on these connected series. It is a world where Hitler's scientist developed the atomic bomb first and won the war to control the entire planet. Now, I know we are all tired of Nazis in the news now which is not a sentence I thought I would have to write in the year 2017 but this makes the show a bit easier for me to enjoy. Sometimes on shows when bad guys get their comeuppance or explain their motivation I can feel sympathy to their cause. Not Nazis. Never Nazis. (again, sentences I feel weird about even having to write)

Their costumes are cool though. Probably by Hugo Boss.
Anyway, this Earth-X is ruled by a fuhrer who happens to be that reality version of Oliver. We'll just call him OliFuhrer for now on. He is joined in his machinations by his Kryptonian wife who fits the standards of Aryan beauty named Overgirl aka Earth-X Supergirl and the villainous speedster Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash. (I'm not sure if he was ever called Blitzen like his Earth-10 counterpart in the comic books) Their goal is subjugation and something personal, at least for OliFuhrer and Overgirl.

This brings us to Iris and Barry's wedding on Earth-1 attend by Oliver, Felicity from Arrow, Kara and her sister from Supergirl and a couple of members of the Legends crew in addition to The Flash team, family and friends. Shenanigans ensue and the wedding is about to go off without a hitch until Overgirl incinerates the priest and OliFuhrer with his Earth-X crew of Prometheus and Nazi henchmen crash the nuptials. Metahuman bad assery and pew breaking quickly follow.

Special high heel bad assery by this duo.
I'm not going to give a long breakdown of everything that happens. If you haven't seen this crossover, do yourself a favor and watch it. It is a good time with a lot of funny moments, some surprises and some heart wrenching stuff. Anyone familiar with Crisis events in DC Comics know that something bad always happens and this is not any different. So, yes, watch these episodes if you can.

Now, to spoilery stuff and questions and comments from me so STOP READING if you intend to watch this crossover, which you should. Again, SPOILER ALERT going forward.

This part of the gang is giving you your FINAL SPOILER WARNING.

Okay. Those folks are gone so we can get to it.

Prometheus' line before getting smacked down by Sara and Alex about "a wedding and two funerals" was clever because it was ultimately switched by the end of the episode into a funeral and to weddings.

The random hookup between Alex and Sara was necessary and cool as was their bad ass team-up fighting Nazis.

Citizen Cold and Ray as a couple? Cool. OliFuhrer and Overgirl? Would have been cool if they weren't damn Nazis. I definitely felt more of a vibe between them then I did between Kara and Mon-El.

Why is Barry still letting Thawne get away? Like I said I don't really watch The Flash anymore so maybe there is some sort of weird time specific reason behind this but come on. At least lock him up.

We all need more Mick Rory in everything. His delivery and remarks are always comedy gold and the episode where the Legends landed in Vietnam showed that we could care about what he had going on inside. Mick is still very much gruff dude that likes to play with fire and make outlandish comments but he has grown and has heart. Also, if Leo Snart aka Citizen Cold is joining the Legends I would love to see more of their interactions. Snart, Rory and Sara are great in any combination.

Speaking of the Legends, Stein. Professor Martin Stein.

Only the heartless didn't choke up a bit at this. 
I wasn't expecting that. I knew Victor Garber was leaving the show but I thought they would just have him retire. They really hammered home the Jax and Stein relationship in these episodes so it was more emotional when Stein gave up the ghost. Even the non-Legends watching folks teared up at this and needed a moment. And those scenes after with everyone reacting? Dammit. I'm tearing up again. Martin has been with us for a long time since his days on The Flash and this is shown with everyone pretty much having their own reactions and recollections about Martin at some point. Even Mick tears up at the funeral before he blames it on allergies. We'll all miss the Professor.

Dawn? Jenni? Random creepy wedding server?
Finally, because I could go on and on with this stuff (e-mail/comment if you want me to) who was Jessica Parker Kennedy supposed to be portraying? She had to be more than just a waitress at the wedding. And who has a random waitress at a wedding...y'know what? Whatever. Who was she supposed to be? One of Iris and Barry's twins from the future? I don't think Felicity saying "glowing" instead of "blushing" when the ladies were getting pampered was a throwaway line. If she wasn't Dawn Allen could she possibly be Jenni Ognats aka XS of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Barry's granddaughter? Aren't they doing Legion stuff on Supergirl now with Mon-El? I hope they answer this question or someone let me know if you have that knowledge.

Like I said, I can go on with this crossover stuff for at least 10 more paragraphs. I also watched reaction videos on YouTube and got all emotional again at those scenes. What I basically want to say is watch Crisis On Earth-X. You'll easily enjoy your time spent with it more than Justice League.

Best class picture?

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