Welcome to the Fifth World!

The Fifth World is a group blog devoted to all aspects of geek culture. Expect reviews, news, commentary, and even some creative works from our contributors. Our work is going to be expansive and inclusive – promoting diversity and equality are important to us. Join us as we forge ahead into a bold, new future!

The title “The Fifth World” is a reference to the late, great Jack Kirby and his trailblazing work in comics and animation generally, and his Fourth World comic books specifically. Kirby’s work was wildly imaginative, forward-looking, and progressive – qualities we hope to exemplify here at the Fifth World.

The Fifth World team is a combination of members of the old “Howling Curmudgeons” group blog and fresh, new voices. We’re living in a new Golden Age for geek culture, and we hope to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of it.

We hope to hear from you. We want you to participate in the comments sections of our posts, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you’d like to send to us directly, please feel free to reach us via the Contact link.

We welcome diverse and contrary views, but we expect comments and replies to be respectful. We will have zero tolerance for any form of harassment or antagonistic behavior, including racism, genderism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, or other hate speech. If necessary, we will ban users and delete posts, but we sincerely hope we never have to. Let us all be inspired by this sentiment from Kirby’s Izaya, the Highfather and make the best choices we can...

“Sometimes the roles we play in life seem pre-ordained, but that is not so. The future is created by the choices we make in the present. […] Now I challenge you to make your own destiny.”

I think that sums it up nicely.  :-)

Okay, so he's a little dramatic -- but still, very wise.
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