5W Creative: Chris and Sean's #inktober Review

Fifth Worlders Chris Maka and Sean Fields are both artists, particularly of geeky things, in addition to being writers (and also enjoy writing about themselves in the third person, because who doesn't). Both young men participated in this year's #inktober event, drafting ink drawings every day, or nearly every day in Chris' case, through the month of October, and we, I mean they, thought it would be fun to share some of their best pieces with you, the Fifth World public. We hope you'll enjoy and let us know what you think!

For more of their artwork you can check out:

DeviantArt:           chrismaka.deviantart.com
                             (Sean promises to upload his work there this weekend;keep him honest and check!)

Chris Instagrams all his art too. Sean's Instagram is mostly non-art stuff, but he Tumblrs.

Instagram:             www.instagram.com/chrismaka99/
Tumblr:                 kalthrace.tumblr.com

They also both tweet a lot:

Twitter:                  twitter.com/chrismaka


They both participate in a positive "life coaching for creative people" (writers, artists, crocheters, dancers, photographers, you name it) on Facebook called "Creative Encouragement". It's private so that only members can see each other's work, but anyone who asks to join is accepted. Please ask to join if you're a creative type!

Okay, on to the artwork...!

Sketchy Robot by Chris Maka

One of the early pieces this October, the prompt was "crooked", so I decided to do a robot that was bent and messed up. I used photoreference from a couple different auto manufacturing robots and a Bose speaker for inspiration. :-) I wanted to keep this loose and sketchy, like a quick design drawing.

"Swift" by Sean Fields
 The prompt for the first day was "Swift." I had already done a Reverse Flash for a previous year's Inktober and didn't want to repeat the image. I was on a Kirby/Fourth World kick (as you'll see) so I thought "Nothing can outrun Death." I also did the Black Racer because I wanted to try some stuff with my blacks and edge highlights. It turned out decent.
African Demon by Chris Maka

Disgusting Devil by Chris Maka

I don't remember the prompts that prompted these, but I like drawing creepy demons and monsters, and so I came up with these two. With the first one, I was inspired by a couple different traditional African masks I saw online, and I wanted to render a demon in a crazy, Bill Sienkiewicz style. The second one combines a sort of sumo stance with a creepy devil head inspired by the Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves film, The Devil's Advocate.

"Underwater" by Sean Fields
I had an art project back in high school where we had to draw an animal head on a human form. We used tracing paper and tools then. I did this one free hand and I'm happy and spooked with how Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants came out. It's a little disturbing to bring a child's cartoon character into reality. [Ed. Note: Disturbingly awesome!]
Poor Poisoned Princess by Chris Maka

This may be my personal favorite piece from the month, for day three's prompt, "poison". I'm just very fond of how the pose and linework both turned out, even though it didn't get many likes online. :-)

"Crooked" by Sean Fields
 The Gentlemen are from a very creepy Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode "Hush" where they steal everyone's voice. They are fairytale demons who go on a spree to steal seven human hearts to continue their existence. I watched Buffy religiously because my viewing habits in high school was both whatever was "good in the hood" and "white girl binging on The WB." (Dawson's Creek is still one of my favorite shows today) The Gentlemen were perfect for the prompt of Crooked. I tried to add color to their eyes and their spooky rhyme behind them.

Matthew Murdock, Attorney-at-Law by Chris Maka

For "blind" I went with a certain blind attorney who fights crime in Hell's Kitchen.

"Teeming" by Sean Fieldds
 A return to Kirby's Fourth World. The prompt was Teeming and I couldn't think of anything besides a bunch of gross bugs climbing over each other and didn't want to draw that. But what was close to bugs in my geek head? Parademons the creepy insect like slaves of Darkseid from Apokolips. I threw in Orion to give the page a splash of color and a place to focus your eyes. He is being yanked skyward by the large Parademon from the Secret Six.
Determined Swordsman by Chris Maka

I don't remember the prompt for this one, but I was wanting to do a swordsman at some point during the month, so i did. :-) 

"Fierce" by Sean Fields
If someone gives you the prompt of Fierce you have to draw Beyoncé or have a valid reason on why you aren't drawing Beyoncé. Her alter ego, which I drew here, is named Sasha Fierce for Bey's sake! As I was doing her costume that she wore during her Fierce days I was getting a Daenerys vibe. So, dragon. It's hard to see in scan formed but I used gold ink for the "fire particles" and Beyoncé and her dragon's eyes. I thought it would be cool and reflect a bit of a royal feel, similar to when a character wears purple.
Shatter by Chris Maka
The prompt was "shatter" or "shattered", which made me think of an old 80's comic First published called "Shatter" that was the first comic book where the artwork was done on a computer (heh, probably a Commodore 64 or an Apple II). This is the armor of a freelance comic from that comic.

"Ship" by Sean Fields
I had plans to draw the Carrier from The Authority series for the Ship prompt. Even had it sketched up. I then decided I wanted to take a break from the comic book based stuff but Thor Ragnarok was also on my mind so I compromised. I would use Norse myth and take something from the tale of their Ragnarok. This is Naglfar, a ship made from the finger and toenails of the dead. Gross. It'll carry tons of dead warriors to battle the gods in Ragnarok. I tried to get a scratchy wood cut thing going on. I didn't quite succeed with that but I still like how this turned out.

African Batman Mask by Chris Maka
The last prompt, on Halloween, was "mask", so I combined elements from a couple different historical African masks to come up with an "African Batman" mask.

"Found" by Sean Fields

The prompt was Found. What the heck do you draw for that? I drew finding the monster who steals all your socks. I wish I spent more time on giving more diversity to the types of socks, worked more on the monster claws and tail and shaded this better so the pile looked better. If I actually worked with more of a concrete plan then the image would have had more of a three dimensional quality. Important lesson- always plan out non-sketch images if you have the opportunity to do so.
So those are some highlights from our Inktober 2017 artwork. Please let us know what you think in the comments!
5W Creative: Chris and Sean's #inktober Review 5W Creative: Chris and Sean's #inktober Review Reviewed by Chris Maka on Thursday, November 09, 2017 Rating: 5
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