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My name is Honor LaBerge, I am a 21-year-old nerd and a professional one at that. I work at a comic and gaming store in my hometown, and I have an expansive gaming and book collection. I am lovesick for Star Wars, animated movies, and podcasts among hundreds of things. I come from a Hispanic-American family, and I’m the only girl squeezed between two brothers and I’m addicted to raspberry white chocolate ice cream.

As we are meeting for the first time, let me go ahead and tell you my ugly big secret as a writer here at The Fifth World. I don't have a long-standing relationship with comic books. (Cue the overdramatic gasp.) The only one I have is with Spider-Man and Batman. That is because the “original” live-action Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire swung into theatres when I was in 2nd grade and re-runs of the Batman: The Animated Series still dominated Saturday morning cartoons. These spurred mini all-age comics and merchandise that my youngest brother and I would beg our parents for on each trip to the nearest mega-mart. I remember wondering about "where'd these characters come from?" but was too preoccupied with being a nose-pickin' kid in 2002 to care.

So let's fast forward a little. I didn't start reading comics until my freshman year of high school when the Marvel cinematic universe was in full swing with movies like The Avengers. I wanted to know where these characters came from, who they were, and why Loki seemed like a good and bad guy? What was up with this Ant-Man dude and why was everyone so psyched for this movie? It has led me down a deep rabbit hole in-off again and on again reading of the golden age comics that I am still enthralled in. Though I may not have spent much time in the Marvel or DC universe, I am a big fan of indie comics drawn into the worlds of Scott Pilgrim, Atomic Robo, 100 Bullets, Saga, and Lady Killer to name a few that I have loved over the years.

So, with that, I will admit my opinion on what’s going on in the Marvel, and DC universe may seem uninformed but please bear with me and think of me as a brand-new reader. I’m someone with no ties to the characters, no alliances to one writer or another and no biases to a certain storyline. I am promising you a clean slate that will tell you how I feel about it without holding back.

What else can you expect from me here at the 5th world? Insights into what I see as a younger newcomer to the comics, reviews of board games, TV shows, and movies, as well as endless excitement for new podcasts and novels, discussion into controversial ideas in comics, thoughts, and research from different fandoms and I, hope at least a little bit of fun.

You can follow me online at Twitter and Instagram @h_0livia or like The Fifth World on Facebook to be notified when a new post is published.

Honor LaBerge is a 21-year-old student from Austin, Texas. She loves geek-culture, live music, tacos, and spending time playing board games or going on adventures with her best friend. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram but please don't follow her home, that's creepy.
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